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August 09, 2007



I'd LOVE to be put in for this!!

Thanks so much!


I'd love to have some of your inspiration rub off on me is that included in the scrap supplies??


So nice of you! I like the idea by another poster to give some to the cancer survivor group - what a great cause! And the one for the Kindergarten class!


Well, I gotta put in my name for this! Good luck with the cleaning!


How cool! I would love scrapping stuff or magazines too!

thanks for sharing!


Ohhhh, did you say Stampin' Up!!! I'm throwing my name in the hat!! How sweet of you to do this.


What a fun giveaway... I have had a loooooooooooong week, this would be a great way to start the weekend!


Hi, Barb! I've got a little Drama Queen myself...and she's only 4! (God help me when she hits the preteen years!)
So sweet of you to RAK your stash! Please throw my name in...I'd love some happy mail! :)


I am always open to free stuff! And Pre-teen Drama Queen? Oh my... Mine are 6 and 2 and I am already scared! LOL

Peggy Severins

How generous of you, good luck with the cleaning!

Peggy Severins

How generous of you, good luck with the cleaning!

Megan B

Barb--how sweet of you! :) my 7yo daughter has started scrapping with me and loves using mommy's stuff...having a little stash of her own would be fun too! :)


I've had a bad week. A little scrap package would be wonderful!


Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! How very exciting!
I am purging my stuff into big bags for Coop's kindergarten class and would love to add yours! We are going to be doing pages for the Children's Hospital as one class project. And, the kids are each going to design their own pages for our album for the teacher. Would love to add your stash to mine - i'll even pay some postage!

Jana Eubank

I'm always up for some potentially free scrappy goodness! Thanks for such a generous offer. (((Hugs!))) Jana


"Pre Teen Drama Queen" LOL ! I am going to have to use this title for my 11 year old daughter ! Maybe I'll even make a special plaque .....she loves being a drama queen!

:-) Barbara

Wendy WVG

What fun!!


I really need to purge too... but it's so hard for me! But, I think it would be a great feeling!!


Oh wow.. that's so nice of you.. I'm totally in for it!!! Wishing you a great day! XOXO

Pam Alexander

I have a drama queen at my house too! She and i would love some extra stash stuff, she loves to scrap along side of me.



Pick me
Pick me
Oh thanks for the thought, what a great idea to do.



I also want a chance to win the goodies. Although I would love it for myself I have a friend that I always share my stuff with since whe is a begginer and does not have alot of stuff. It would be great to get picked and share it with her. Thanks for sharing, very generous of you.

Carol Pittman

I can always use new scrap stuff!! I lurk on 2 Peas a lot and saw your post. I also have a drama queen at my house and school doesn't start til the 27th!


Hey Barb! Thanks for the offer -- I'll throw my name in the chance ;)

jenny lilac

How nice of you!!

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