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August 07, 2007


Peggy Severins

Oh gosh too funny, I so know this kind of drama and my drama queen is only 7, she will be the drama queen monster by the time she's a teenager. Anyway the whole situation sounds so familiar ;)


yup! totally know what you are talking about.....with my SON!!! one minor thing and we get an Oscar winning performance! lol!!


ROFL! This post is the best!


dude. i think we have the same daughter.

Jan Connair

Just saw a t-shirt at Meijer today in the teen department. I believe it said something like "I don't DO drama." Perhaps if got one for S., she would get the hint. Either that, or she would give you the hairy eyeball and never speak to you again, but it might be worth a try.


Oh man, I am NOT looking forward to my future - lol.

PS - I TOTALLY spotted your mom in the reunion layout you did. You guys look so much alike!

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