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March 11, 2008


petra a*k*a milo82

hey teamie! :) Love the recipe and to be honest I'm a total chicken addict...chicken rocks!! LOL What about a good veggy salad?? :)


That sounds so cool! I'll have to share this one with DH. I'm all for dessert next week! :)


Delicious chicken recipe! OMG! I love chicken so you can never do too much chicken imo! How about a casserole of some sort???


Ok, is that a lot of work? Cuz it sounds really really good. Like drooling good. Yum!

And on the penny pinching. I am right now while Pato is gone, I have limited amount of cashola here with not a lot coming in to replace it. But normally, I spend too much, and he's good at telling me that. LOL

Have a great day!


YUMMAY! This sounds delicious! (I don't cook, but Hubby does!) TFS!

Ladybug Graphix

WOO HOO....I got chicken...and I'm Italian....I can definitely do this one!!! Thanks... :)

Hope you have an awesome day!!!


I look forward to Tuesdays and your blog with the recipes. Thank you. This is another one that I'll put to good use!


As of the 1st of the year In the morning I cut out my Joe run and make my own breakfast. I also stopped eating out at lunch time and take my own. # 1 because we just had a new baby and #2 b/c of the price of food & gas increasing it's ridiculous I never thought I'd be so disgusted w/gas companies but greed is the root of all evil.
For healthy recipe maybe something along the line of weight watchers, watching for cholesterol etc etc.

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