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April 04, 2008



I don't even know how to start our mower, LOL!


A kindred spirit, I am the only woman in my 'hood who shovels snow AND spreads the mulch (15 yards!). I guess as long as it gets done...but I hire out the lawn, ssshhhh...

Thanks to SITS for directing me to you and your great blog!


Haha, no I never thought I would ;-) First time for everything.

Jamie :-)

Jenn F

I am AWFUL at mowing. My husband will watch me and then wind up taking it away from me because I go to slow and "don't stay on the line". That's ok by me!


Reading about mowing is much better than the actual mowing. I did it ONCE and never ever again will I mow grass. It sucked! But then of course, hubs was trying to "teach me a lesson" and gave me a push mower. That was some lesson he taught me - I never helped again.


Hahaha funny!! I'm a pretty sucky lawn mower but hey I get the job done. I haven't mowed the lawn in close to 5 years though, haha


I love how our lawn looks after our landscaper comes! LOL


Have (or I hope you had?) a great time out west. I miss skiing.

I also shovel, but lawn care? a) my husband worked at a park in high school and mowed THOSE lawns, so therefore he knows how to do it and b) in college worked at Sears in the lawn & garden department. I'm off the hook. And yeah he varies how he mows each time so it doesn't harm the grass too much. I just smile and nod and try to keep the wee ones away from the blade while he mows. :)


I have never touched the lawn mower! although, i do love the fresh cut grass:0)


UG! I hate mowing. Your grass is amazing.

The Uniblogger

I hate messing with lawns myself. My boyfriend would be glad to let me though.

Greetings from SITS!

Kat Rogers

Love the view of your mower...


Wow, that was pretty much a post about all the things I've never done. Never mowed a lawn, never used a leaf blower... you are WONDER woman!


I like cutting the grass, but have no yard, so I'm out of luck!

Carey - Life in the Carpool Lane

I have to say that I've never mowed a lawn but it actually seems appealing to me...some alone time, no wild kids underfoot, fresh air, quiet except for the mower.

Mariel Wangsgard

Do a crappy job, and you won't have to do it...a lesson from "How to be a Man".

Cookie Brochette

I think you can totally get your grass to look like a stadium! Then, come try mine!!

Check out what's cooking under the bulb at Lightbulb Cuisine. Real food from an Easy Bake Oven.


Ack! I won't get near a mower. I have...issues! But good for you for taking it on.

Stop by and visit at: Life...EXAGGERATED


Funny and Inspiring! I was able to mow and get 2 feet of my raspberry patch cleaned out before the rains came back.


I've never heard that song - it sounds awesome!

My neighbor is one of "those guys" with his lawn.


I'm impressed that you mow the lawn. I've never mowed the grass in my life! Growing up I had an older brother, so that was his job. Now I'm disabled, so mowing is out of the question. I might get to go my whole life without mowing!


:) I am with the commenter husband is particular about how it is cut, but not how often. It is growing rather quickly as I type.

Willo @ Green Gracious

Very nice. You are welcome to come to my lawn any time!


I personally don't like to mow, but I have a friend who just loves it so I completely understand!


i am not allowed to mow the yard!!
happy SITS day

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