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May 15, 2008



Oh, I found you on SITS!


Wow, that is so interesting. I never dreamed the place would appear so clean and white like you mentioned...but I guess I'd rather have my dusty house than a clean, white cell.


Sounds scary, I think I'd rather not spend a minute in prison...thank you. But I'll bet it would be eye opening. I like being in the dark about scary stuff, tee hee.

Jamie :-)


I've never been in a prison but assumed they weren't just like on television-- not much is. Now, I think some prisons are worse than others- ones with serial killers and the high rist prisoners are problem downright frightening. I too would be freaked by the bars closing.

Great post!


Thanks for sharing! It really makes you appreciate the freedoms that we have, including being able to shower alone. Amen.


Wow, I don't think I'm as brave as you! Happy SITS day!




This reminds me a lot of my trip to the DMZ and the 10 minutes I spent in North Korea. The rules were strict. Don't smile, don't laugh, don't wave, no sudden movements, (although pictures were allowed) etc. etc. Great post!


OMGoodness! An eye opener indeed!

Coming by from SITS! Enjoy your day!!

Rae Ann

Happy SITS Day!

My hubs is a cop, so I think I might be too jaded to visit a prison. I am glad you could see the good in our prison system.


Whoa! If the title weren't there, one might think you were at someone's "take your friend to work" day ...

Happy SITS day!


Comin over from SITS-

Great post. I've visited a prison before as well... it was an interesting experience, definitely memorable.

Tara B.!!! what an experience....thank you for sharing all of that! ♥


Sounds interesting!


Thank you for sharing that.

The Uniblogger

Sounds like that was a crazy experience!

Have a good day SITSta!

Kat Rogers

I have so much appreciation for my freedom!

Got to come across your blog (from SITS)


Stopping by SITS.

It is sad that these men couldn't/wouldn't/didn't find their talents and potential until they were thrown in prison. Makes you wonder what kind of life they could have had.

Great post.


Wow. That has to be a pretty powerful and moving day. And how cool with the dogs. I've heard about that training. It's such a brilliant idea to keep people busy and occupied and feel like they have meaning to their lives!

Mariel Wangsgard

Very interesting! What a neat, memorable experience for you!

Cookie Brochette

Great article. I'm glad I stopped by to read! Thanks.

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What an interesting experience. Thanks for sharing it. I can't imagine spending all my time in such a small space.

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Jill Scott

I had the opportunity to tour a prison in CA when I was taking a Criminal Justice class in college and it was an eye-opening experience. The prison I toured was overcrowded and I remember seeing rows upon rows of bunk beds filling the gymnasium. It was sad.

Great post. Congrats on your SITS day.


Wow. Just wow.

Willo @ Green Gracious

What a powerful experience!

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