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September 15, 2008



Just checkin in on you to see how the surgery went. Since there's no update, it must have gone as scheduled. Hope you're doing well. We finally got our power back. Still about 141,000 in Columbus without. We were not ready either. Guess we all need to learn a lesson.

Take care of yourself! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.


Great post Barb!! We just got our power back today! I've never seen anything like that storm, nor have I felt anything like that before. Believe it or not, we were on a soccer field!!! The game was a total joke, and was finally cancelled. I now know that when flying leaves and corn husks hit you at 85 miles per hour they hurt, and cut...Not so fun.
Would love to see your "aftermath" pic's know you've taken some. Don't deny it.
Best wishes to you with your upcoming surgery.
Love- Tina

beth (20birds)

I hope your surgery goes well today, and your line about being "preparedness losers" I lvoe that i live in South Florida most of life (before this sojourn in Canada ) and I was a a terrible preparere... i baked brownies because i figured I would need brownies in the event of loss of power...


Good luck with your surgery! Sorry to here Ike had such effects on y'all. I live in So. Mississippi & were fortunate to have only gotten rain & winds (nothing like y'all) from him. We were getting rain when the eye was 300 miles out. And then my sister who lives only 4 hours south of Houston didn't get a drop of rain.

I love your avatar! I take Tang Soo Do, but am only a Green 1 belt.

beth opel

Hi Barb!

Thinking of you. Hope your surgery goes well. Sorry about the Bengals. At least the Colts came back this week. Yeah, be an Indy fan now with us!

So glad you survived Ike. Tell Jan we are thinking of her...ugh!


I was so thankful that Ike went around Florida, but I was holding my breath for the Texas coast. And my friends in Missouri lost power and many trees down and really trashed the small community where I use to live. Bad storm all around.


I heard that the north got hit pretty good with wind. My daughter lives in Texas a 100 miles from where Ike hit, sounds like you received worse winds than she did. I live on the coast, we've lucked out with minimal damage in our area with hurricanes. The first one that we had after we moved here I was outside taking photos just like you.


Hey teamy, glad to hear you and your family are ok...but well sounds like Ike made a lots of mess and so sorry for all the people who got hurt and my feelings go out to the family's who lost someone during this bad storm!

Wish you all the best for your surgery tomorrow and will be thinking of you! Hugs!

Beth Nixon

great descriptions!! I lived in Ohio for years and went to school in Oxford but I've never seen winds like you've described! Now, I want to see your pictures . . . blurry or not!

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