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October 02, 2008



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Okay- you totally described me. To a T. I worry ALL THE TIME. I often wonder what it would be like to be one of those people who just don't give a f@*#&. But, that's not me, and it never will be. As hard as I try. Just ain't gonna happen.
Thanks for the post and for keeping it so real Barb. Have a great weekend. : )

Char @ DigiScrapChat

Oh, I can relate to this so much it's scary! My only problem is that lately I haven't been ABLE to cry, so all my stress and WWI is going internal. Makes for great backaches, headaches and stomachaches! Maybe I need to go see a "cry" movie?!

Thanks for sharing so much - makes the rest of us with WWI feel less alone!


WWI stinks - but you certainly hide it well (MUCH better than many i know!)...
thanks for the birthday wishes, have a great weekend!


First off, love the new look. I thought I was at the wrong place at first, especially when I started reading the post. I never would have guessed that you also suffered from WWI, you do always seem pretty calm and collected. And definately positive. Oh what we can hide behind the internet. I wish that cleaning was a side effect of my WWI but usually it's shopping and that doesn't really help with it either.

Hoping that you have a calm, worry free weekend.


I would have eaten the cookies.

I'm a WWI sufferer as well, I only wish I turned to cleaning. My house would be spotless. Unfortunately, my house is in chaos and the brownies are gone.

You might not feel great, but you're damn funny and that makes the rest of us feel better. Sorry you had a bad day.

Jan Connair

Just for the record, I think of you as unusually upbeat, too. You are never the sort of person to sit around bitching and moaning about stuff for long--usually you just come up with a plan and run with it!

I had a friend years ago who summarized WWI best for me. She said that her father had once told her she had an uncanny knack for taking every problem to its illogical conclusion. That's what I do. If I have a splinter, I can easily picture infection setting in, my untimely death, and my kids growing up without their mom. If the car makes a wee funny noise, I am usually sure it signals hundreds of dollars in automotive work heading my way.

Oh, and I clean when I'm worried, too!


I know I keep saying this over and over but GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND I'LL GET OUT OF YOURS!

From one WWI sufferer to another ... have some Xanax on me.

(BTW ... LOVE the blog makeover! I thought I clicked on the wrong link when I arrived!)

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