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January 14, 2009



We are shopping for a high-def tv right now, I'll email you if I need help with it, lol!


omg - don't even get me started on high def ... Nate is addicted to this kind of stuff.

The only thing I don't like about high def is when there are close-ups of people - holy crap, you can see INTO their pores! Close-ups were NOT made for high def.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that.

Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper)

Our big HD TV is a little older, so I don't find the quality as great as the new ones. Still, there is a big difference.. and we're not even maxing it out with all the right cables. That might be Lorrie's issue too - not using the HDMI cable.

Juli Fish

My DH hates that I watch my shows on the non-HD channels so I'm trying to be better with it. I have to say I just don't get it either LOL! If you have the chance check out Planet Earth on Discovery in HD - that is a fantastic way to really enjoy our TV!

Lorrie / Dnksmommy

Hmmm.... wonder if that means WE'RE doing something wrong too. We have a large screen, hi def, and just bought a Blu Ray, and somehow, nothing looks different (although our TV is 4 yrs old). i just didn't get the HD thing either. Better talk to DH - we might be doing something wrong too! ha!!!


Llol! Now that's funny.

I have no idea how to work our living room television. It's okay. My 1yo knows how to work the basics, and the 5 and 6yos know how to work everything else.

I'll be calling them to program my time machine when I'm old.


Isn't that always the way it goes? Thanks for the morning laugh!


It took us a day or two to figure out our t.v. also. And who doesn't want to push Ryan Seacrest over the edge? JK! Enjoy the new t.v.

Lisa Dorsey

LOL that is too funny. Glad you are now able to appreciate your new TV. Missed the Grand Canyon moment on AI. :( Must have tuned in soon after that.


LOL how funny. the thing about these tvs that bug me is they are all flat/wide screen. they make widescreen movies.. so why is there still that black space on the top and bottom even though i now have a wide screen? hmmmmm congrats on the new TV

Jan Connair

Did your friend do something special, or did you just hit a button by accident? This sure sounds like something that would happen at our house. I had my MacBook for a couple of months and was searching for a calendar program that would help keep me organized, when I ran across a forum post talking about iCal. "Sounds great," I thought. "How do I sign up for that software?" Well, DUH--it came with the computer and all I had to do was put the icon in my dock and start using it. Geesh!


Oh don't you just love HD!! We've got the HD Tv out in the living room, the only Highdef television we own... When I come into the computer room (which is also the kids playroom) and turn on the tv in here, its like its missing color! LOL Of course its not.. just looks that way after watching HD!


Oh, that's too funny.

I can't always tell either, but I was watching Brothers and SIsters on Sunday, and found myself distracted by the close up detail of Kevin's forehead furrows.


LOL Man isn't that always the way?? Glad you got it figured out though, I love HD!!

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