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January 29, 2009



Gorgeous photos Barb!!


Sorry about your trees. It's always sad to see mature ones go. Love the photos you got though. I stayed in with the boys where it was warm and dry.


While the snow and ice can be a hassle and even destructive, it can make for some beauty. Great pictures. Jenn and I are originally from NY and then moved from CT to Tennessee. We got 1/4" of snow last year - and we really don't miss it! (Sorry had to gloat) Be safe and warm and enjoy the beauty.

Stan at Scrappers Workshop


I LOVE the mailbox photo! great angle for shooting it!!! stay warm and just think - spring is on it's way!!!


Your photos are fab!!!!!!!!

April Oaks



wow.. great pictures of the ice though!! we only got a little frost..


We got hit by that same storm system, Barb, but we got all freezing rain out of it. We had to leave town because we won't have power, heat, water, or phone service for close to a week. All of our trees look like's a mess, for sure.

Just stay safe and warm!


Great photos! That's too bad about your trees...It takes so long to get mature trees replaced.


oh wow barb, you are having gorgeous snow! that's amazing to see such a lot and you captured it perfect as ever!


I LOVE winter photos! I'vve been thinking about doing some winter pics with the kids. I better hurry before it all melts.

Jen Davis

Wow, crazy stuff huh? Some pretty pictures though!




We had awful crazy snow yesterday in Montreal, Canada, but no ice like you had. I'm so sorry about your trees, that is really sad... :(

Lisa Dorsey

WOW Barb, those pictures are amazing! So sorry to hear about all your beautiful trees. We got snow but not the ice that you did. Good luck digging out.

Jan Connair

School is still canceled for the 3d day in a row in Anderson Twp., even though I think it means we get a day added onto the end of the school year.

So far no trees have been lost in our yard, but our poor neighbors lost a huge section off a tree in their front yard. This is about the 5th tree this year for them.

Blond Duck

Saying hi from SITS!


we got it all too!! Fun fun. I posted pics that look alot like yours!! Stopping by from SITS!!

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