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February 05, 2009



What a great story! Here's to Herbert, indeed!


What a sweet guy :) There is an older guy at my grocery story who sounds a lot like Herbert. I LOVE going to the grocery store when he's working!: ) I'm not far from Cincinnati myself--- I might be moving there in a year or so, actually. LOVE it there. :) I've done a few posts on my blog about Cinci, actually.


What a great story. I feel for Herbert and am glad he found a friendly face in you. I have such a soft spot for those old guys (stemming from my job in a previous life B. K. - before kids)

Thanks for sharing and thanks to SITS for directing me to you.


That's very touching!


Honestly, did you have to make me cry ;-) That is the sweetest story, thanks for sharing! Here's to Herbert...

Jamie :-)

Jenn F

Wow! That is such a touching story. What a blessing!


Herbert is awesome! I didn't even have to go to Walmart and he's made me smile.


There is a Herbert in my neck of the woods, too. I ran into him last week. He touched my heart as Herbert did your's... and of course, I also blogged about how a simple gesture can mean so much.

Thank you for sharing such a sweet story, and I LOVE the photo! He is precious!

I ♥ old folks!


Aww what a cute story :)


How great! Such a kind man! It really makes you think about how you treat others!


Oh happy tears! What an incredible story and such a sweet man!
Definitely a heartwarming story!

Rae Ann

What a great story! Too bad more widows don't follow Herbert's lead.


what a cutie!!!!! He's so adorable!


Oh God I'm all teary now! I don't meet people like this in NYC often ... actually I can't think of any time at the moment when I have ...

What a beautiful person! You're so lucky to have encountered him that day ... I hope to meet a Herbert everyday of my life ...


That? Way cool. I think he has SUCH the right attitude that so few people do anymore. I can only hope that I'm not the cranky curmudgeon at his age and bring half the joy to people that he does.


wow just wow!

Tara B.

Oh my heart just skipped a beat...stories like that must be passed on!! what a beautiful person...thank you for sharing Herbert with us!




I loved this story.

I always try to encourage mothers when I'm in the grocery store.

Regina @ Margarita Bloom

What a lovely story!!

The Uniblogger

Aw! Herbert looks like a cool guy!

Happy SITS day!


Awww... what a sweet ol' guy. Maybe he could get a part-time job as a greeter. Sounds to me like that job was made for him!


What a wonderful story! I wish I could meet Herbert!


Awwwww Herbert is great!!

Stacey  Hansen

What a sweet and special man. Thanks for sharing his life and story with us. So very wonderful

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