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February 04, 2009



Great layout! Poor Olive

The Seibt Family Ruler

Olive, I so agree. I am so tired of ice chunks between my webbed toes, snow up my snout, and my family throwing snowballs--as if I have ever fetched anything in my life! I have treid channeling my Chow and Golden Retriever ancestors, and they all agree this is nonsense. Only the Finnish Spitz group gets excited about the snow, but I think that's all about the apres-ski Finlandia, and my people are not sharing. Let's agree to stay in until Spring, shall we? They'll just have to clean the carpets.


LOVE the first photo, man you guys are really buried huh?


Dear Olive, My daughter Julie would like to extend an invitation for you to visit us over the winter. We live in Arizona where it is warm and sunny and you could even go for nice long swims in our pool. She would probably have an unsightly itchy rash the whole time you were here because she is allergic to dogs, but she thinks it would totally be worth it.

Hugs and pats,

Summer Fullerton

ohhh your poor puppy ... it does make for a darling layout though.


awwww Poor Olive! Not even a good snowball fight with the kids???? My nilla always loved the snow ball fight, but hated everything else about the snow. Hope things warm up there soon!


AWWWW! Poor Olive! How dare they pile her up with snow like that?! I am going to give mother nature a very strong letter! You take beautiful pic's Barb.


Poor Olive. I wouldn't want all that cold snow bothering me either! Came by from SITS!


Oh poor Olive! She's adorable! I love her blog post :)


poor Olive! she definitely doesn't look pleased!

stay warm!


Great dog! Great layout!


LOL - gorgeous barb!

Lisa Dorsey

LOL Barb! Great post!


I like it as long as I don't have to drive in it. Or pee in it. That wouldn't work for me either.

Lorrie / Dnksmommy

what an adorable post Olive! that picture is priceless, and the comment about her tail not being there to measure precip is HILARIOUS!!!


ROTF! Ummmmmmm, wasn't it you who, just last week, was jumping up and down all excited because you were going to get a snowstorm?

I'm talking to Barb, not Olive. Olive, I'm right there with you. I totally feel your pain.


Oh Olive, you poor thing! I hope that means you're doing your business quickly so you and your mommy don't have to stay outside for long! But I agree with you 100% - I'm ready to be done with the snow and cold too! And yes, my husky is loving it. I think he might not be "all there"...

Olive the Wonder Dog

I'll be sleeping all day, whether or not Shannon is at home. Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzz


I hope that means we get some snow over the weekend while DH is still home to shovel it.

Ane Trester

I love that picture! Poor sweet Olive. You were meant to be happily running through a summer sprinkler, not trudging through this icy sludge. Hang in there! Spring WILL come!

Jan Connair

LOL, poor Olive! But isn't she happy that Shannon gets to stay home all day?

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