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March 25, 2009



dang thanks so much! cleaned up 2.5 mb woo hooo!


Oh, this is cool. I am going to have to give this a try!!


All the common languages, like English, Spanish, French, etc. are all unchecked when you download it. I checked all but English and let it rip!


it took of 261mb of mine but I didn't check to remove any of the English versions or anything on the other tabs....did you remove with all that was checked when you downloaded it? :)


gracious are quite the wealth of info these days! :) thank you :)


I am not a Mac user, but a good friend of mine is, so I will be sending her your blog link!

Florida Cindy

Oh my head is spinning.....I finally began to understand the AIG mess and now "Monolingual" Oh, it frees up the hard drive.....not install a million languages I can understand. Can it be used for Windows????????


No, Jan, I haven't. I think I need to run these too. Thx! :-)

Jan Connair

You rock! I'm downloading that one right now. Have you downloaded Cocktail and Onyx? Those are Mac HD cleaners that work great. They can help get some space back too.


*sigh* ... just one more reason I wish I had a Mac.


I wonder if there is something like that for Windows? I'd rather be on a Mac, but can't afford a Mac right now. LOL
Your blog looks so pretty Barb! Been so long since I've been here!


Thanks, Barb! That helped.

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