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March 04, 2009



barb, i love that wheel too. how in the world did you do that. totally cool. sure miss you over at crd's

kelly edgerton

Barb, the rainbow wheel is fascinating. I could not stop looking at it. And the journey you share is very inspiring. You, like me, embrace the reconnect, in spite of the fact that it often reignites emotions we thought were long put to bed. And of course, because we are similar in many of our thought processes, I attribute THAT to OUR friendship. I am so lucky to know you - you continue to inspire me, encourage me, support me, and delight me. Never change those things about yourself because they are so uniquely YOU!

SMOOCHES, my dear, dear friend.

Maggie Pinque

::: waving frantically hello :::

And *I* knew you first.

Love you lots,
Maggie :)


B, I enjoyed reading that! I cannot believe it's been over 11 years I joined a pg circle group (7 of us are still an e-mail group)and 8 years last month I "met" you and the others.


I just started a Facebook page too last week. I will have to look you up.

I love that people can connect with old friends. The internet is how I met my hubby.

Linda Rodriguez

I made some of my best friends through the Internet. I'm a recent convert to Facebook and really do enjoy it. I've connected with so many friends I'd lost touch with so that's great. I just wish I had more time in the day - between working, blogging, facebook-ing and taking care of the family, it's crazy at best!

Lori Potts

facebook is ok, but after they tried to own anything i put there for life i decided i dont like it anymore. its a shame but it really magnified for me how sensitive my info is to me. yes i know this is crazy considering i upload my scrap pages but at least i can erase them. i am glad u are enjoying it though.


For years, I've been deliberately avoiding Facebook. Who needed it? Well...uh...I did.

I got roped in, then sucked into the vortex. I love the stupid thing. I added people I never thought I'd add, and it's been ok after all. And how did you make the friend wheel? That's fun!


Sigh. I have just never really gotten into Facebook. I have an account and people throw things at me every so often, but I just don't frequent it enough, I guess. And people from high school are friending me and I have no idea why ... I didn't know them in high school, some of them I didn't care to know in high school, so why would I want to know them now?

Barb, if you ever come to NY, you, Kristin and I have got to do lunch.

Ms Cupcake

Checking in from sits! It's Hump Day.

I have a new giveaway on my blog.

Zen Cupcake: New Giveaway! Barbie Turns 50 Years Old!

Have a great day!

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