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March 30, 2009


Maria Lang

Thank you Barb for the wonderful photos and to all of you who posted such kind comments. If you want to get in touch with us, you can do so at or you can call 513-226-5612. Gracias!

Maria's Neice

Looks so good! I really want some! And of course Chiquita is looking darling. Love the aprons!
Good job Tia and Carrie!

Josh & Nica

Awesome Iberian cuisine! What a great idea for a party. How do we get in touch with the cooks?

mary rc

man im not sure it its your photography or the food that made me hungry... sounds amazing!!


Oh that looks so good!! Yummo!


Barb you have knock out pictures for sure and their website will look wonderful. The food looks so yummy!


That looks amazing!

Carrie Caruso

You rock, Barb! Love, Carrie and Maria


gorgeous pics Barb!

amy a.

I love paella -what a great concept!! I love their aprons too and little mascot!!

Jan Connair

What a great and unique idea for a business. I've never had paella, but it looks absolutely delicious in your photos. Hope their business does well!




that looks so yummy! Oh I wish them the best!


Now, THAT'S a great concept. I wish them the best of luck!

Mel aka Mom_of_5

Awesome photos!! I wish your friends luck in their new venture!


ooohhhhh *drool*
That looks totally scrumptious!


Great photos......
and that paella looks so very yummy.
Hope your day is a beautiful one.


Oh that looks devine! And I love their aprons! I want them to come to my house, think NH is too far?


Ok, seriously, NOT FAIR! How yummy!!! I am loving your photography...makes the food SHINE! :D

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