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March 24, 2009



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Yummy!! Love tuna as well and this one looks great..


I've never eaten tuna, because it is so stinky and I had major food issues when I was a little kid. But I'm betting with salmon (which I love) that it would be good -- and I know my husband would like this. Thanks for the recipe!


That actually sounds yummy! I make something like it but with crab...yummo!!


I have a recipe for a shrimp dip that is similar. It sounds good!

Pamela Young

Sounds good! Makes me hungry!


Sounds great to me! Would be a nice, light dip for summer parties. Thanks for the recipe Barb!


A staple appetizer passed down from Jenn's mom is:

Block of softened Cream Cheese (low-fat good)
Can of mini shrimp (yeah, they looks weird but are pretty tasty)
cocktail sauce - spiciness to taste.

Slap the cream cheese on a plate, cover with mini shrimp and pour over cocktail sauce. Serve with crackers or wheat thins. Yummy and quick!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop


I love tuna, but I don't think my husband would care for this. But I'm saving it anyway and sneak it on him. hehehe Sounds great Barb. Thanks

Lori Potts

this is a useful recipe! i think i will make it for my wee ones!


I'll have to try that! I love your recipes!


I love tuna, I'll try this next weekend!

Jan Connair

Looks MUCH better than it sounds, lol. I'll have to take your word on it for this one. Tuna is just not my deal!


ok, that just sounds so yummy! I love tuna!

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