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April 17, 2009



This mosaic looked pretty interesting, so I decided to give it a try. That's a neat application. I'll have to try it some time with some of my own pictures.

I need to have a garage sale too - I need to unload all my retired stamps and things. I've got a whole box of them I need to clear out.

Mrs Zeee

This was so much. I don't know how to post the image here so I am going to put my mosaic on my blog page in case you want to check it out.

Linda Rodriguez

Fun mosaic!! I've seen the idea for it before just haven't had a chance to try it yet. Thanks for the reminder! :)


omg, "the new ipod shuffle looks like a tampon"...I'm literally LOL


So I did not know a Facebook at all. But it looks after a lot of fun and is so interesting... I will look here still a little bit:-) dear thanks and many greetings


That's awesome! I love the idea for the photo mosaic. I'll have to give that a try! Have a great weekend Barb! :)

Jen Davis

Very cool tag, thanks for sharing it!

Wish I was in the area, I love garage sales!


what a fun project. this is sooooooo kewl.



Jan C.

I loved St. Peter's profile picture and comment. Too funny!


I just noticed that our garage sale is only ONE week away. Must get crackin' tomorrow......


omgosh, that Bill Gates FB page is hilarious!

My former MIL is having a garage sale in May so we have to start clearing out our basement. I'm hoping to fund Zoe's first year of college from the sale.


Never say never, Amanda...don't jinx yourself!


That's a fun tag, I might have to try it too.

Oh yes, yard sale season! I need to get our baby stuff cleaned up to get rid of. It's so nice to know I'm almost done changing diapers.


We are doing a moving sale this, and next, Saturday, too!:) Have TONS to sell...and am thinking of doing bags of toys for like $5...cause we have that much and I don't feel like going through it all. ;) Who knows. LOL. It might not be that bad.
Love the photos, as always! :D

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