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April 02, 2009



We've never had termites, but we've had carpenter ants. EWWWW. UGH. I know they're gone now, but sometimes I swear I can hear them eating the wood inside our walls.


Ah, taxes, how I dread thee...well, not now, as we do get a nice check back, but when I did them for my parents...not all. Termites...we have them ALL over here. It's GROSS. G R O S S!!! Rain, well, this year not so bad, but the first year we lived in hawaii, back in '06, we lived on the windward side (the side that gets a lot of wind, and some rain). We got 72 INCHES of rain from January 15th-March 31st. it was horrible. So, yep, maybe not so much April when I think about that, but I do think about all three of those things.

Love the joke, she played, too. HILARIOUS!


I love April but I can completely understand your worries! Prayers for no termites!! LOL


glad the termites aren't there.... they're never any fun.... no comment on taxes! :)

Heather Manning

I love her joke she played! Too funny!

Here's hoping April is good! fingers crossed!

Jen Davis

Oh boy, hang in there...summer is on it's way!


Yes...taxes! grrr.... we are still paying off what we owed from last year! :(

Stefanie Eskander

Good thing DH deals with the taxes 'n termites in our family. Since there aren't any torrential rains in California in April, I guess I'll just have to call April a pretty good month! Remind me not to move to the Ohio Valley anytime soon...
Just wait 'til May! Hope you get through it without being eaten alive in your sleep!


we have had major flooding here last weekend and now it is raining again, you can tell it is spring!


Taxes have my gut in a knot. I hate that Jim waits till the last possible moment!


UGH! termites. We need some rain too, but nothing torrential. Just a good soaking rain.


Are you saying that I bring on bad termite mojo?

Jan Connair

Please stop talking about termites--bad memories over here, too! And once you've been swarmed, you can never stop tiptoeing around in April, peeking at the walls for signs. I totally get it!

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