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May 29, 2009


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Hi I am Sarah (Goon Squad Sarah). I live in the Washington D.C. suburbs. I found you through the BlogHer Ad Network.


Hey Barb
It's Alex from DSM (the one with the cutest baby in Utah) I was checking out your blog to see which type I would like to get up and running for a buiness I am starting and I knew yours wasn't blogger or wordpress, so I wanted to check it out. If you would like to keep up with your favorite spit-upy baby girl here is link to your blog, we just posted new pics of here and may I say they are beautiful!

Delightful Dwelling

I'm from Illinois, near St.Louis. I found your blog from Two Peas. Happy Scrapping!


Hi Barb...a little late, but busy on a perfect weekend in the Inland Northwest. Walking along Lake Coeur d'Alene under a cloudless, sunny sky, hitting a couple of farmer's markets, enjoying a couple of festivals...a fun, packed weekend it was!

I'm in Spokane, Washington. It's amazing how Twitter & hockey can bring people together. Found the blog after we started following each other on Twitter, and now it has become a part of the daily web routine. My wife & I have already used one of the chicken recipes posted last year. Yum! May start a blog soon, but I haven't decided what direction to take it.

I just can't believe it's June already!


I found you through SITS quite a while ago and checking back once in a while.
I love your blog.
I'm from Germany.


I live in the southwest, US. I really don't remember how/where I found your blog. But am glad I did. I have enjoyed your photos, stories and recipes. Thanks!

Lisa W

Hi Barb. I met you while you were in Utah at the DSM retreat. I really enjoyed your classes.
Lisa W (jessie97)

Teresa March

What brought me here are many things: the creativity of your words, layout, and photos, but more importantly a way of connecting with a friend that I have had my entire life!
I live in Temperance, MI which is 5 miles north of Toledo, OH.


Hi Barb! I read all the time but rarely comment cause I read from Google Reader at work as it's the only way I can see blogs. I am in New Hampshire and I found you via Mi's CT! :)

Jenn White

HEY - Speak for yourself, Stan! Nice of him to include me on his post, but I can type myself. Today I've cleaned innumerable things, cut one boy's hair, taken two of three kids to the pool for an hour, cleaned the kitchen again, started a birthday cake, fielded email and help calls from digiscrap friends, and am just going back to cleaning!
As Stan said, we're transplanted NYers in Tennessee of all places. Couldn't pay me to go back to the snow tho. We try to get home once a year for some real italian food and jewish delicacies (craving some hamentashen). What brings me here? YOU, of course, silly. I enjoy reading this blog, it's nice to see what y'all are up to, and stay connected in the digiscrap blogosphere!


Hi Barb. Since I'm not excused from commenting I will play along. Hi, my name is Ashley. I met you umpteen bazillion years ago when we both got HMs in CK's Hall of Fame scrapping contest. We've stayed friends. I live in Royal Oak, MI. Go Red Wings!

I'm not really doing much this weekend and I'm OK with that. I'd like to scrap a bit. Digi scrap. Heh.


Hi Barb - I come by way of the old AOL SAHMvWM debate boards. :-)

Also from Upstate NY - :::waving::: Hi, Andi!

Love your photos, your recipes, too.

I'm over here: , but I've been a slacker lately.

janet o

Well, it wasn't your taste in hockey teams that brought me here...:p
Plainfield, IL (50 miles outside Chicago) and I came here after meeting you at CHA way back when...and I need to make some of your recipes!


Hi Barb! You know where I'm from, but for the rest of the blogiverse, I live in Indianapolis, but consider myself to be from Cincinnati. I'm coming into Cincy this weekend and going to the All Saints festival on Sunday...YAY Catholic Church Festivals of the summer!!

About to start a blog called, One Table, One'll have to check it out when I get it up and running, it should be strange, like me.

Talk to you later! Have a GREAT weekend!


Hi, I followed the blog train at DST to see your fun blog. I'm in the pacific NW and just blogged about my sweet new baby...

Pamela Young

Hello! I'm from Colorado and I visit you regularly through the 2peas Pub board. :) I'd love for you to visit my blog:


Hi Barb,

Ahhh, we met on Christina's CT. It was a crazy ride LOL. I've always been in awe of your scrapbooking talent and how you don't have one style. You are just fierce! From David Cook to your beloved Red Wings (boo hoo Blackhawks) and I love that about you.


I'm from one street over! Good luck with your party this weekend...!

Mel aka Mom_of_5

Hey there Barb! I'm in NE Ohio and came here from the DST Blog train. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :) You can find me at

Linda Rodriguez

Hi Barb - I'm from Texas and read your blog semi-regularly via the 2Peas Pub board. Always enjoy when I find the time to visit! :)

My big plans for the weekend include attending my daughter's preschool dance recital and my son's baseball tournament. And laundry.... Bleck!

Have a great weekend! :)


Hey Barb,

Can't remember how we found you. We're the native born NYer's living in TN (culture shock - you bet!) Jenn is a home with the kids on their first day of vacation - I am working on new sales and existing customer order for the photo lab I work for. In our spare time we run Scrappers Workshop - where we teach digiscrappers Photoshop, Elements, photography, and discrapping. See our site at and

Love the blog and we stop by often.

Stan at Scrappers Workshop
(PS - Where am I? I'm the one on the bummer cars...)

JanMary, N Ireland

Waving from Northern Ireland.

I usually come here from the DST Blog Train.


I am from Ms and came here from digishoptalk blog train!

Crystal Brothers

I live in KY and came to your blog from 2peas. My blog is

Neat entry :)

Michele H.

Hi Barb-- I'm a lurker coming finally coming out to visit! I see you peas!! Okay...i'm in Sacramento, CA but maybe relocating in the near future :)

I'll be celebrating my birtday weekend! I love it when my birthday falls on a Saturday :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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