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April 29, 2010


Casey Wright

Awe! looks like you guys had a lot of great fun! Those pics are so cute and can't wait to see them scrapped!

Creative Junkie

I never could get the hang of ice skating. I mean, I can do it, but I look ridiculous, as if someone sprayed me with extra strength starch. I'm a little, shall we say, stiff?


You two are so cute!!! Love the pics!


Or Canada! My sister (mom of 3) plays in a league. I grew up playing ringette but when I was in high school, hockey became much more popular for girls. 2 of my best friends got recruited to play hockey at universities in the U.S., one at Harvard and one at Cornell. And that Detroit/Phoenix series was tough...didn't know who to cheer for as both coaches are Saskatchewan boys!


What a cool experience! yes, goalies are insane! ;b

ellen s

what a cool experience! one day she will look back on it and day, LOL!

fab photos, too!


There indeed hockey leagues for middle aged Moms - who have never played hockey before - just relocate to Mionnesota!

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