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April 19, 2010


Janelle Miller

OMGosh - I am trying sooo hard not to laugh out loud and spoil the secret that I'm reading this at work. I am literally crying at this point. TFS.

Moriah M

My husband and I were openly weeping with laughter reading this today! When all was said and done my husband said- yeah but who won?!? Great cautionary tale. ;)




lol! This was a great read to start off the week! I tweeted.


i love chili but don't wanna breath fire but a bite is nice. lol!


OH poor Frank lol, i don't like my food too spicy!

Creative Junkie

OMG, that was funny! I'm like Frank ... I can't do hot chili at all. But Nate? The hotter, the better. Put a bowl full of Dave's Insanity Sauce in front of him and call it chili and he's good to go.

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