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April 02, 2010



My first visit; do I have good timing, or what? I can't wait to see Tiger at the Masters. My thinking is that he should come in third. Even if he's leading, he should throw the game on the last two holes or just hold back and duff around a little in the middle. My husband asked me if I expected a third place finish to be atonement for bad marital behavior. Nope. He needs to atone for poor social skills in the handling of his bad marital behavior. He owes the public a social grace or two. He can win every tournament after this one, but he needs to blow this one. It's the only approach to winning his way back into our good graces... since he's staged his comeback about SIX MONTHS too early. Enjoy your golfing; it's always fun to spend the day strolling around on a lawn somebody else has to maintain.


Yay! Glad to see you back, girl. I'm afraid I'll never be a steady blogger or golfer -- but I will just keep puttering along at both of them. :)


woo hooo!!! awesome on the blog and golf. i admit i don't get the golf thing. but have at it and have a great time. kick ass and take names girlie!


so Barb, finally a visit from me on your blog, and i have to admit you write rather engaging ;-)
for even a not so sporty girl, i find your sports adventures very interesting!
good luck with the blogging, i try to do my best too LOL


I missed you and me too! Glad to be back. I can totally relate to the 18 stroke thing. TOTALLY. :-)

Creative Junkie

Yay! You're back! **cue fanfare**

I missed you!

I used to play golf all the time. My husband loves to play but I can't stand it anymore. I hit the ball a ton off the tee but what good it that when it takes me another 18 strokes to get it in the damn hole?

Jan c.

I have to admit I was wondering if your zeal for blogging had totally disappeared. Glad you're back.

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