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July 13, 2010


Sandi Neumann

I can not wait to make these! I so love the real hot style. I bet Costco's mini no string bean would do the trick. Many thanks:)


Yum, gotta try these! Wonderful, as always!


I love a good recipe for fresh green beans...I'll have to give these a whack!

Health Insurance

A healthy beans with a little kick of spicy flavour yummy.


I like asparagus this way too! By the way. I wonder if this is the sauce I had on crab legs once that had a "black bean" sauce on them? It was a brown sauce with a little kick. Awfully messy to crack your legs w/ the sauce on them, but oh so good!

Creative Junkie

Shockingly enough, my kids love green beans! I know! And they would probably love this recipe - thank you!

Lisa Hunt (Roxy)

ooooh they look lovely - I love green beans, might have to give this a try! Thank you! xx


Perfect timing for this! As our beans begin to ripen..we're about to be overrun and I've been looking for new ways to prepare them! This looks really good!


Ooooo, looks scrumptious! And I love green beans, specially with a little kick to them! definitely going to give these a try! Thanks for the recipe.

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