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October 10, 2010


Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

Awww - I'm sorry Barb. Hopefully by the time you read this, things are looking up for you.

(And what is that person doing in that photo? I mean, is that photoshopped or did he really do that? Because that is all kinds of WTF)


Not so happy after all. Throat still killing me, and the hot water tank situation is NOT good. No joy here right now.

Jan C.

Add some Zicam throat spray to the above prescription, and crank up your happy songs on the old iPod. Today begins a fresh new week with endless possibilities for joy.


Salt water gargle, ibuprofen, Vitamin C and a lot of prayer. That won't help the Reds, or the Bengals, but it might get you through the week in one piece! Hope you feel better quickly!

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