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November 24, 2010


Ashleigh Burroughs who loves weird weather

Kids like rules. It's as simple as that. They will push the envelope and stretch the boundaries of patience until somebody steps up and says ENOUGH! We try so hard to be sure our kis are happy that we forget that they have to be functioning adults at the end of our tenure as parental units.

Let those who disagree rant and rave; I'm with you, kiddo!

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

As the mother of a sixteen year old myself, I work pretty hard to ensure that this does not happen here. Nevertheless, there are times when my daughter appears to lack any motivation other than to breathe and blink and I again have to prove why I've earned the title of "meanest mom ever" and wear it like a badge of honor.


Didn't piss me of at all, I totally agree! I grounded my 15yo for a week and he told me after 2 days he had learned his lesson but I said no way is he getting let off early, I'm sticking to it because I am all about the tough love when it's necessary!

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