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November 29, 2010


Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

oh, I forgot - I'm almost done shopping! Scored some great deals today!

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

BARB! I love your blog! I've been bogged down under a load of crap lately, otherwise I'd have visited more often this week. But I know exactly how you feel. My comments have plummeted as well. I wish I could be PW too, except I suck at photography and cooking and home decor and homeschooling could very well be the death of me and the only thing I could give away would be a Starbucks GC with 1.78 left on it. WOOT!

Don't go away. I'd miss you.

Jan C.

Now you know why I stopped blogging. People read, but they don't bother to respond. I think it's kind of rude. I mean, if someone says something to you in person, you don't just stand there and stare at them. You say something! I'd give people a pass every once in awhile, but as a general rule, if you read the post, you should comment.

Kim L.

I feel your pain. But I enjoy your blog.

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