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December 14, 2010



What a great post! I am just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well - resources like this web site are very much helpful. As our company is based in the US, it's all a little bit new to us. The example above is something that I worry about as well, how to show your own natural enthusiasm and share the fact that your product is beneficial in that case.


they're lovely :)


Oh I'll b incorporating this for my upstairs tree next year thanks!

Ovacue Fertility Monitor

Oh I love it! That is a very nice handmade Christmas ornaments! :)
Thanks for sharing it. I do really love it!


Obviously you could use Christmas themed paper, but it's not necessary. I don't think I used anything that was Christmas, other than a few of the IP Coasters.

Jan C.

I like. This is a great thing to do with all the leftover Christmas-themed papers! I may have to copycat you on this one. If I ever get my baking and shopping done . . . .


Andie, I'll update the post with the instructions. It's super easy!


Those ornaments are awesome Barb - almost makes me want to have a tree! I see another career for you...

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

OMG Barb!!!! I absolutely love them! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

OK - how did you do the third one down on the left?? Spill it!

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