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October 15, 2007


Kimberly Brock

Congratulations girl on making the switch!!!! I love the digi layouts you made-Talented girl I say :)

Awesome news about the new DT you are on- I'll have to go check the stuff!!!

You Go Girl!

susan opel

I'm glad for you! It just seems like the right decision. I hope that we can still be friends, even though I'm digitally handicapped!

Wish I could come by the Crop and Shop!

BTW - Love the mystery man layout! Haha!


SO exciting, Barb! Congrats on making the switch!! Now for me to get rid of all of MY paper piles like you - can't wait!!


B-Still reading your blog all the time, wanted to post that I think it's cool that you are making this change for yourself. Good for you. : ) I know what you mean about the time involved in getting it all out to scrap after a long day or week at work.. I'm in the same boat my friend.
Take care-


Oh good lock! I sold all of my paper scrapping supplies not long ago too!

Kayla S.

Barb, I love of all these pages you have done!! They are wonderful!



Best of luck to you with your new digi gigs. You will be missed at RMH, but I can totally relate to being so busy that pulling out all of your supplies is the last thing you want to do on a Friday night. The CK fiasco has just put me in a funk, too (and I never entered HOF once). You've inspired me to try harder with the digi-scrapping! Keep in touch, girl!

Lynn G

Congrats on the decision AND on getting onto those fantastic digital design teams!! Got to love digital for all those reasons you mentioned. Love your layouts too.

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