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April 18, 2008



That does it! Time to move. I'll start looking for houses here for you. At lesat you can see a tornado coming!


I can join a Brown Thumb Group, I can kill without even trying!! Great post, had me **carefully** laughing all the way through.

Very good point at the end though...they will always be there...waiting...


An earthquake? in Ohio???? Maybe I wasn't there long enough. My word!

And you go on with your war against the weeds, but that picture of the dandelion sure is pretty. LOL

I've got something for ya on my blog today!


Why can't we all just agree that Dandelions are beautiful garden plants? Just that little change in attitude, and there'd be a whole lot less weeding to do!

Back in the day, when we were gardeners, DH and I would get down and spray individual leaves with Roundup. Sometimes it's the only way to kill those buggers.


I wondered if you got the jolt this morning. How wild was that!?! I love my pretty flowers but with you, hate to garden. Heck hate to mow the lawn even more. Love the weather for it though. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Neverland Scraps

Beautiful garden!!

Jan C.

Hah--I tried the wild violet thing, too, a few years back. I thought they were soooooo pretty along the path leading into the woods that I dug a bunch up and planted them in the area around our big front trees. By the following year they were spreading all over the place, but getting to spots that I didn't want them, like the middle of the nice lawn Dennis tries to cultivate. So I dug them all out. Sigh. They were pretty, but I guess I'll just admire your photo instead of messing with them myself.

Hey, maybe we should form our own Brown Thumb Club. I can kill almost anything, too. It would give us an excuse to do lunch once a month. . .


Go get 'em. KILL those weeds!

Shana a.k.a. ScrapShana

Too funny! Which reminds me, my flower bed needs weeding as well. "Oh kids!! Guess what you have to do before you go anywhere this weekend!" Hehe


OMG!! I felt the earthquake too!! Ed and I were joking at 5:34 am..saying what in the heck was that?? It was probably an earthquake...laughing, yeah right... go back to sleep. Well, I just read it on Fox News that it truly was... It registered 5.4 in Illinois, and was felt 350 miles away...WoW!! Very cool indeed.


i cracked up reading your post today! this is one reason i just don't garden.


LOL Great blog post today! I say if you can't beat them join them...ENBRACE THE DANDILION!! LOL

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