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May 23, 2008



Ok, Barb, this has got to be the funniest chicken/road joke I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

Love the pink cast, bet you're already thinking about which kit would go best with your photos of it! :)

And welcome to Mi's team!


Love the hot pink cast. Thanks for visiting my blog.


LOL, Barb and even if i am not American i really enjoyed it! and good for your DD about the free elbow! My son was in cast for 4 months last year so i know how it feels! have a wonderful WE, my friend!


Let's just vote now and get it all over with so I don't have to hear about it anymore.

Chicken 2008! Ha!


LOL love the chicken joke. Grandpa's response is my favorite.


My goodness, Barb! That is SO funny!!


Woohoo on the liberation of the elbow! ROFL She looks great.

I am dying here on that chicken road. ROFL I just sent it off to my mama. LOL

Have a great day Barb!

Michelle Powell, Kutnkudlys Kreations, Chief Scraphead

Great laughs for the day! I too am tired of all the politics, I think they've really gone on too long this time around.

Hope your girl heals quickly, nice to be able to have the time out at the salon though, great morale booster for her I bet!

Have a great holiday weekend!


Great joke. Will admit to laughing at a few of them a little louder than I should have. What a nice treat for Shannon. she looks fab with her do and shocking pink cast. Hope you have a terrific holiday weekend.


Loving that new sassy cast. It will be over and done with soon. :) You know I'm a professional with broken bones.

Love that chicken funny. Heh!

Jan C.

Ha! My personal favorite was Ernest Hemingway's reply. Took me straight back to 10th grade and my English teacher telling me that Ernest Hemingway could write any way he wanted because he was a famous author, but we had to write in complete sentences or die.


hehehehe thanks for the post, Barb! Very cute! ;)


LOL Love that joke!

madame mim

Hey! You beat me about the tag! :) I was going to PM you at DST but you were faster than me :)
It looks great to have a free elbow! And thanks for the jokes :D


this is too funny


LOL - gorgeous!


Oh man, this is hillarious! Thanks for brightening up my Friday :)

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