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May 21, 2008



Hey i did leave a comment on your Maui LO that was very positive as i love it. Love all your other pages as well! i am always amazed by your talent and your eclectic style! You rock girl!

Amy Hutchinson

I always love your art, Barb! Gorgeous layouts!


I love the Maui layout. The details are fun. I'll try to get the photos to you this week.

Jan C.

Wow, I feel like I won an Oscar or something! Thanks, girlfriend!

Now what's not to love about that layout? I like the photo strip effect, especially with the ribbons woven between the layers. Maybe you just posted it at a time when lots of new stuff went up in the DST gallery.

My fave is the one of Shannon holding the bird (partial face).


I love your layouts! And I really do like that last one - the color combo (black/white against the blue & green - very cool) and the entire composition of it! And if DST wasn't freezing constantly for me today (is it just me? I'm always paranoid it's just me), I'd access the gallery and leave you some praise. I'll try to access it later!


Ooooooh - great layouts! So much inspiration in just one post! I'm loving both of the new kits and am going to have to go take a closer look. Enjoy the great weather today....I can't wait to get outside this weekend and enjoy it myself. :)


I really, really liked your page! Left you some love at DST! (unless it didn't go through - I hit submit then walked away.)


The layouts are fantastic!

I, too, have an affinity for power tools! Have fun getting everything clean and tidy.

I'm off to leave some love on the layout!

sharia braxton

Barb - that layout is nice, I really like it. It's a different take on the split photo...I'm definitely going to be lifing that.


Gorgeous LOs!! I went to write my post this morning in Typepad and was surprised with the new features. I'll have to play with it some more and see if I like it! lol


I like all the layouts. The Miami one is my favorite.

That's cool that the random number generator picked #1. I've never seen it do that before.

Feel free to come over to my house with that pressure washer when you're done. The outside of our house desperately needs the road grime hosed off.


I put that pic of David Cook up just for you. lol. I'd be happy if he'd just call me and sing happy birthday to me. Can you arrange it? No, ok since I didn't get him wrapped up in a ribbon for your birthday. Hope your weather is wonderful today and the entire weekend. Love all the layotus! Need to figure out how to get you my photos. Scanner not working. Maybe I'll just go buy one. :)

Have a great day!

Neverland Scraps

Nevermind. . . I see the comments now!
Okay, I blame my head cold for the lack of seeing!! Love the layouts, they are just fabulous! Sorry for typing you THREE comments now! :D

Neverland Scraps

Well I left a comment about the beautiful layouts, but I dont know where my comment went :(

Neverland Scraps

Wow those are some phenomnial layouts!

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