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December 17, 2008


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I'm too lazy to count, but you've gotta see "50 First Dates." It's a sweet little feel-good movie -- and Adam Sandler is actually likeable in it.


I made that's not all that bad after all :-)


I'm a huge loser at 136. O course I live with all boys, so I've seen EVERY Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie, plus Spiderman, and the other "boy stuff." Being in the age group for the Scream and American Pie movies didn't help me either.

Other than the movies you mentioned, I'd only add The Whole Nine Yards. It's one we tend to watch over and over.


I made it to 115, wow that was FUN!!!

Jen Davis

Oh, this is fun! I'm going to have to do this, but just by looking it over I know I'm a HUGE loser cuz I've seen A LOT of them! =)

amy a.

Loser here - 110!! Great list!!

sally aka cellomom

Omgosh...LOL!! 87 for me, so I just make it into the loser column!! LOL!! fun list!!!


phew what a list, I was at 30 something somewhere in half, then I lost count :) Guess I'm a loser too!


ok... I'm a bigger loser.... I've seen 131 of these. ugh... I need a life!


Only 36. But my tastes run more toward Blazing Saddles and Airplane rather than the scary stuff. They missed all the good stuff!


Gosh..I have seen almost all of these! WHAT A LOSER!!!!


Well Barb, I would be a looser too. Just looking at the list, I know I have seen 3/4 of them!!! But then again, with my age as you talked about, you are going to see a lot of movies. We can hang our heads in shame together. *s*

Jan Connair

My first date with Dennis was a movie, "Heaven Can Wait." I'll bet we went to the movies at least twice a month for years. For me, this list is a good starting point, but it doesn't go back far enough, 'cause I'm OLD! What about "Animal House"? "Poseidon Adventure" (the first one, with Shelly Winters and Gene Hackman)? And the Disney movie count alone would probably put me over the top, lol.

I don't think I'm a loser because I like to go to the movies, though. At least I'm getting out of the house! And the movies used to be a good place to make out on dates . . .


LOL,this was a fun post :)
I am a total loser... i had seen 110 of these :P


Ummmm ... my grand total is ... 45.

**ducks head in shame**

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