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January 24, 2009


Maggie Pinque

My 6th photo folder only has 5 pictures in it...


Unusual tag, but I have no idea how to do it :( $700 for a hockey jersey! That's pretty amazing, but I guess when you're a fan and for something that is a rare type of game, it's not out of line.

Amy Coose

Love the phototag idea! We are serious hockey fans here, but I wouldn't have shelled out that much money either! This is my first time at your blog--very inspiring!


What a cool photo! :D I love that idea!

Lorrie / Dnksmommy

cool tag! I just cleaned off my hard drive a few weeks ago. I'm pretty much picture-less right now on my computer!

And I love that Jersey. Love pink. And love the stimulating the economy comment!!


I thought for $700, you SHOULD get the guy inside!


Thats pretty cool. i need to check and see what I come up with.


What a fun tag... I love the picture!


That photo tag sounds fun! Sooo, does the guy come with the Jersey? Yummy!


Great photo -- what a fun meme!! And what a great idea for an auction -- I'd be tempted myself ;-).


What a fun idea, I'm going to have to do that and pass the idea along.
Okay that's what I'll put on my blog next.
Have A Great Weekend!!


Isn't that phototag too funny, love the picture. I just posted a phototag on my blog too ;)


How fun that sounds! If I had a picture folder I'd do it too, lol!

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