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March 19, 2009


dancing bear porn

I am seeking for a skilled author, long time within this area. Great post!

New York hotel

what an amazing photos! bravo!
love the pics love the city! visited with my dad, we booked a ticket via last minute travel and had the best time ever! keep up with the good work !


Luscious photos!
I am a caregiver and pretty tightly leashed to home. Therefore, I do not travel much. I followed your link, by way of your comment on Echodemic's blog. I am so glad that I visited yours! I feel like I was provided with a mini-vacation! My husband is a glass artist and we are very fond of Dale Chihulley's work, that was also at Bellagios. The parasol/umbrella sculpture and the LaReve set have many similar tantalizing qualities of light-through-color that captivate me about Chihulley's work.


Great shots, Barb!! Love them all!!!


Sigh. I loved visiting Las Vegas. Wouldn't want to live there by any means, but visiting once every couple of years is fun.

I think my favorite was the fountain(s) at the Bellagio. We ate lunch at a restaurant right next to them - truly a spectacle to watch.


I wish I could hire you to be the photographer at my daughter's wedding. Love, love, love the photos. Sorry that I haven't been here lately. Back in the saddle again.

Marie Starr

Incredible photos! Your work ROCKS!!


Again...AMAZING photos! :)

Lisa DIckinson

wow you make Vegas look so PRETTY in these shots :)
love them all!


hey Barb -- I need you to send me your mailing address so I have it on hand for the Pay It Forward homemade goodness spot on my blog. You were one of the first three, and I didn't follow up right away. You can email me at audneal at gmail dot com.


These are some incredible photos! TFS!!


you take the most INCREDIBLE photos!!! WOW!

Lori Potts

thanks these stunning pics made me smile!!!


Ok, you are seriously going to make me learn light room, aren't you??? ;) Love all of the photos, and the wedding couples are just gorgeous! :D


Aw Jan, you're breaking my heart! I love that coat!

Jan Connair

Barb, that second outfit you had on . . . um . . . total fug. Sorry if that's harsh. But friends don't let friends dress in tartan-trimmed velvet coats and maribou-feather hats.

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