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January 31, 2011


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It is so great that you are thinking about yourself now. I am proud of you!


Thanks Andrea! I just had to be in the right frame of mind to catch up with you ;-)

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie


I'm so proud of you Barb! Can't wait to see you make your goal (will I even be able to see you? Don't turn sideways)


I miss you too Kel! I"m pretty motivated, but I'd love to see you any time of course! Maybe when this crazy weather has passed a bit ;-)


what a motivating post. I need to get my hiney to the gym. Maybe we need a little cross country motivational seminar or something?!??! :) Miss you...

Jan C.

Wow, Barb, that is awesome progress. 14.5 lbs. seems like a lot to have lost in just 4 weeks! I can tell that you are proud of yourself, and you really SHOULD be. Love your idea about the charm bracelet. What a great way to reward yourself for all the hard work and commitment.

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